Saturday, December 3, 2011

Animoto is pretty cool, so are these gingerbread houses

Yesterday we had our annual Gingerbread House Competition.  Various classes that choose to participate create a gingerbread house that is judged by the ASB class.  Winners get fabulous prizes.

The last few years I have gone around with a couple ASB students to photograph and judge the gingerbread houses.  They look at these photos with the rest of the ASB students to determine the winners. I have always enjoyed this because I get to see all of the class creations.

After the judging, classes can bring their gingerbread houses to the library so everyone can see them.  However, not all of the houses make it to the library.  I know of at least one that was eaten within 10 minutes of the judging. I think its too bad that everyone doesn't get an opportunity to see all the cool gingerbread houses.

As I was taking pictures I was thinking, "I should post these somewhere so that everyone can see them."  As I was uploading the pics from my phone to my computer I remembered Animoto. It is a really cool website and app that allows you to quickly and easily transform pics (and even short video clips) into a movie.  There are themes and music that you can choose from.

When I first saw Animoto I was thinking about how students could use it next semester.  I didn't initially think about how I could use it.

Here is my video:

Let me know what you think. What other things could we being using this for?

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