Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Workflow: How do students submit iPad work?

One of the simplest ways for students to submit work from their iPads is to use email.  However, if you have 120+ students this can make a big mess of your email inbox.

Here's another way to do it:

This method requires a bit of initial set up but once you have everything you need ready, its pretty simple.

Step 1: Set up a dropbox account. It is free and easy and super useful.  Your students will thank you for teaching them how to use it. You should also install the dropbox app on your iPad.

Step 2: Set up a sendtodropbox account. This is free and simple. You will then have an email address to which you can send files and have them added to your Dropbox.  Many apps don't require this step, they will allow you to upload to your Dropbox directly.  However, some apps don't play as nicely with Dropbox (i.e. Pages) and you will need this eventually.

Step 3: Copy the link. In the Dropbox app you want to select your document and then tap the link button (it looks like a piece of chain). Then choose "Copy Link to Clipboard."

Step 4: Paste the link into your Google Form. This step requires that you have already created a Google Form and put it somewhere that students can access it.  I like to put my Google Forms on my Google Site.

Step 5: Open your Google Spreadsheet to access the student link and record comments and/or score.

I know there must be an easier way to do this.  But this is the best I've got for now. 

Any suggestions and/or feedback is appreciated!


  1. Matt, this is Les in Florida . I' m going to look your number we can solve this together.

  2. We use the moodle platform where we can create an assignment and students can turn the assignment in directly to that assignment. Moodle is similar to Angel and Blackboard. We love it! There is a moodle app my iPad students use. MoodleZ. Other students log in directly from Safari. We have a 1:1 with netBooks, but my iPad students have no trouble taking a test, quiz, essay or turning work in. Here is a link to my colleague's page who teaches College and HS Gov. He is an AP Reader too. http://moodle.nisdtx.org/course/view.php?id=110