Monday, February 6, 2012

Using Flash on the iPad - Puffin and Rover to the Rescue

In my role as a technology trainer at a school that is preparing for a 1:1 iPad roll out next year I constantly find myself defending the iPad. When I was first asked to do this job I thought I would be teaching people how to integrate technology into their lessons using the iPad, not working as an iPad apologist. I didn't choose the iPad instead of laptop, that decision was made before I was part of this team.

Does that mean I think the iPad is the wrong choice? No, it doesn't. I really like it a lot.  In the future I will write a blog post about why I like the iPad.  But this is not that post.

One of the most common concerns I hear about the iPad is that you can't access Flash content on it.  I used to share that same concern.  There are many valuable Flash-based videos that are currently only available in a Flash format. The solution to this problem - Puffin Browser. This browser app does a great job of displaying flash videos.  We have been using it for months with great success.

However, Puffin does not handle Flash-based games. This is especially frustrating for me as a Government teacher because one of my favorite sites is iCivics (if you have never seen this site, I highly recommend it). iCivics has lots of great games where the player pretends to be everything from the President to a lawyer arguing before the Supreme Court. The drawback to iCivics has been that it is Flash based.

Then along comes Rover. I discovered the the Rover App a couple months ago and it has been one of the highlights of my year (this seems melodramatic but I REALLY like iCivics).  Rover allows you to access Flash content including Flash games. It takes a little practice to get used to and it isn't perfect yet, but they are constantly working to improve it.

I am not sponsored by them, I do not know anyone who works there, I have no interest other than wanting to be able to use Flash on my iPad.

If you are in my position and are constantly bombarded by people frustrated by the inability to use Flash on the iPad, tell them about Rover. That's what I do.

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